The cheese you use makes the difference.

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Over 20 years of industry leadership, innovation, and excellence. We've built our heritage by continually pushing the envelope when it comes to ingredient cheese for the foodservice and food manufacturing industries.

Consider the source

The cheese you use makes the difference.™

Today, more than ever consumers are concerned about where the ingredients in their food come from and how their food is made. At Mikana attention to food safety, maintaining superior quality and product consistency are our top priorities, our cheese comes from SQF approved manufacturing facilities. Our full range of cheese cutting and packaging capabilities make sourcing so much easier. Mikana supplies some of the most trusted national brands with our full product lines of natural and process cheese.

  • Natural Cheese – All types and flavors
  • Pasteurized Process (Regular or High-Temp)
  • Artisan Style
  • Hispanic and Other Ethnic
  • Organic, Farmstead, rBGH, or rbST Free
  • Reduced Fat, Reduced Sodium

Mikana cheese cut and packing options include bulk, shredded, diced, sliced, cubed, grated, or crumbled. We also provide portion control options for shredded, cubed, or diced cheese in sizes ranging from .5 oz. to 8 oz.

Pick and Place™ sliced cheese in convenient packaging – a fantastic solution for adding cheese to high-speed production line sandwich assembly, convenient sandwich bar assembly, or snack kit assembly.

We are doing a lot of great things with cheese. Put our experienced team to work for you bringing your best products to market quickly and efficiently. Simply give us a call at 800-223-2406 or email us at with a question, and we'll be there to assist you every step of the way.

As an industry leader, we offer more ways to customize your packaging than any other supplier.

  • Scale

    Portion Control & Bulk Sizes

  • Pencil

    Custom Sizes & Packaging

  • Truck

    Low Minimum Quantities

  • Support

    One Contact for All Your Cheese

  • Access to new and on-trend cheese, cuts, and packaging.
  • Receive timely informational cheese presentations for your R&D and New Product Development teams.

New and Unique

Achieve the perfect product profile and differentiate your product in the marketplace with Mikana's excellent ability to source or develop new and unique cheese.

Cuts and Sizes

Our natural, artisan, and process cheese can be custom cut for your specific application. We also offer a variety of packaging options including the ability to customize.