Foodservice Culinary
Creation Center

Culinary Creativity and Expertise

When it comes to creating outstanding food products for retail,
foodservice, prepared food, frozen or fresh entrées, sandwiches,
omelets, meal kits, and more, let our culinary cheese experts
go to work for you.

You're busy and we understand that. Limited time and resources
combined with an aggressive new product development directive
that is supposed to fuel your company's continued growth puts a
lot of pressure on you. You need the food ingredients to set you
ahead of the competition. Our unique, high quality cheese gives
you that competitive advantage.

Mikana has the technical culinary skills and the creative capacity to assist you every step
of the way. We don’t promote a “take it or leave it” product line. Rather, we promote finding foodservice cheese solutions that fit your product concept perfectly. Let us go to work for you when it comes to the cheese.

Freshen up your menu and product lines with delicious
cheese and inventive formulas from our cheese experts.

Developing innovative products can be challenging and finding the next "new" product takes time and resources. Put our foodservice culinary staff to work for you to aid in the creation process. We can help speed the process with inventive ideas and cheese flavor concepts, customized and tailored solutions that save time and money exclusively from Mikana.

Let us take some of the guesswork and frustration out of your everyday tasks with the superior quality and taste of Mikana natural, process, and artisan cheese.

Egg patty croissant sandwich with peppers &
cheese using Mikana's sliced colby jack cheese

Stuffed potato au gratin using Mikana's
1/4" diced process inchedible cheddar


Cheese Resources


Looking for great ideas to create the next new? These helpful sites pack a powerful punch of inspiration that are bound to get your mind rolling.

Grilled Cheese Academy

Favorite Foods with Michael Symon

Cheese & Burger Society

Cheese Tips & Trends

Gain access to the latest news and
trends in cheese
products and flavor
combination tips.