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As a leader in ingredient cheese, we offer more ways to customize flavor, cut, size, and packaging than any other cheese supplier.

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20 Year Mikana Foods - Leading Cheese Supplier Since 1998

Cheese Experts

Choose from a variety of cheese flavors, cuts, sizes, and packages — completely customizable to your specifications. Mikana has carved a place for itself as an experienced partner for over 20 years to some of the largest, most trusted brands in the country — from foodservice to food manufacturing.

Superior flexibility

  • extensive product lines of natural, artisan, and process cheese
  • cut and packaged to fit your unique products, specifications, and assembly processes
  • flexible lead times and low minimum order quantities
  • outstanding communication, follow through, and response time

Supply chain excellence

  • reliable single point of contact for all cheese needs allow you to consolidate orders and shipping, resulting in a more organized and efficient process
  • seamless source of supply due to our strong strategic relationships with SQF certified manufacturers
  • fresh-to-order consistency and only the highest quality products

Leader in innovation

  • ability to source or develop new and unique cheese
  • experienced team of experts to help bring your product to market quickly and efficiently
  • access to new, on-trend options for cheese, cuts, and packaging
  • create custom cuts and sizes for your specific application


We're proud to serve restaurant and convenience store chains with superior cheese, convenient purchasing options, and excellent supply chain management.

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Food manufacturers rely on us for superior product quality and consistency, new product development assistance, flexible purchasing, and excellent supply chain management.

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