Let us simplify things for you. Choose Mikana as your single source ingredient cheese supplier and benefit from a more organized and efficient process. Mikana's experience along with new product development, purchasing, and logistical strengths are proven to only enhance your supply chain methods. Simplify the process.


  • Extensive product lines of natural, artisan, process, ethnic, organic, Farmstead, rBGH and rbST free, reduced fat, reduced sodium, and plant-based cheese
  • Cut and packaged to fit your unique products, specifications, and assembly processes with options for bulk, shredded, diced, sliced, grated, cubed, stick, portion control, and private label
  • Flexible lead times and low minimum order quantities
  • Outstanding communication, follow through, and response time

Supply Chain

  • Reliable single point of contact for all cheese needs allows you to consolidate orders and shipping, resulting in a more organized and efficient process
  • Seamless source of supply due to our strong strategic alliances with the highest quality SQF Level 2-3 Certified manufacturers
  • We represent the best cheese products available to food manufacturers, food service, CPG, and retail private label
  • Fresh-to-order consistency and only the highest quality products
  • Solid relationships with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure you'll have an uninterrupted supply of cheese to keep your lines running efficiently
  • Distribution network throughout the US with the ability to consolidate freight, lower transportation costs, and always deliver on time
  • On-trend cheese flavors, cuts, and packaging to help your products add perceived value and help your products stand out in a sea of sameness

Leader in

  • Ability to source or develop new, unique cheeses to keep your products ahead of your competitors
  • Proprietary cheese formulas to achieve the perfect product profile and to differentiate your product in the marketplace
  • On-trend cheese flavors to keep your products fresh, unique, and innovative
  • Create custom cuts and sizes for your specific application, consistent portion control
  • Experienced team of experts to help bring your product to market quickly, efficiently, and on time