Obsessed with Cheese


Natural Cheese

Mikana is a leading supplier of natural cheese for food manufacturing, food service, and convenience stores chains. We offer a wide variety of cheese, cuts, and packaging for every application; entrées, appetizers, mac 'n cheese, sides, snacking, sandwiches and handhelds, sausage, salads, soups, and dips.

  • Clean label 100% REAL cheese made with only simple, natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives
  • Healthier option and natural cheese claim
  • More flavor options with the ability to produce in large quantities
  • Ingredient cheese functionality with natural cheese flavor
  • Full product line, all flavor varieties
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Artisan Cheese

The best names in food manufacturing and food service choose Mikana for premium artisan cheese. For custom, high quality, high-flavor cheese made in the proud tradition of early artisan cheese makers, turn to Mikana. Our food service artisan cheese is a collection of products created by skillful and creative cheese makers throughout Wisconsin with the richness of heritage and pride in every pound produced.

  • Made the old world way in small batch, authentic style
  • Cheese varieties and cuts for every application, from casual dining chains to branded entrees
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Process Cheese

Control melting characteristics and ensure consistent flavor with process cheese. If you have a need for particulate definition after the cooking process, a hi-temp or restricted-melt process cheese may be the answer. Plus, if you're looking for a specific flavor complement, know that Mikana will develop a flavor profile for your application.

  • Real cheese blended with other ingredients to enhance flavor and specific performance as an ingredient cheese
  • Full product line, all flavor varieties
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Types & Varieties

Variety Cheese

At Mikana, we have the flexibility to provide other types and varieties of cheese that fit your specific applications. So why settle for a "me too" product list when you can choose from a variety of options. It's much better to get what you want and what you need.

  • Hispanic or other ethnic cheeses
  • Organic, Farmstead, rBGH, or rbST free cheeses
  • Reduced fat, reduced sodium cheeses
  • Plant-based cheeses